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      education 學歷  educational history 學歷  educational background 教育程度  curriculum 課程  major 主修

      minor 副修  educational highlights 課程重點部分  curriculum included 課程包括  specialized courses 專門課程

      courses taken 所學課程  special training 特別訓練  social practice 社會實踐  part-time jobs 業余工作

      summer jobs 暑期工作  vacation jobs 假期工作  refresher course 進修課程  extracurricular activities 課外活動

      physical activities 體育活動  recreational activities 娛樂活動  academic activities 學術活動  rewards 獎勵

      social activities 社會活動  scholarship 獎學金  excellent League member 優秀團員  excellent leader 優秀干部

      student council 學生會  off-job training 脫產培訓  in-job training 在職培訓  educational system 學制

      academic year 學年  semester 學期(美)  term 學期(英)  supervisor 論文導師  pass 及格  fail 不及格

      marks 分數  examination 考試  degree 學位  post doctorate 博士后  doctor(Ph.D) 博士  master 碩士

      bachelor 學士  graduate student 研究生  abroad student 留學生  abroad student 留學生  undergraduate 大學肆業生

      government-supported student 公費生  commoner 自費生  extern 走讀生  intern 實習生  prize fellow 獎學金生

      boarder 寄宿生  graduate 畢業生  guest student 旁聽生(英)  auditor 旁聽生(美)  day-student 走讀生


      Position Desired:HR Manager  Name: ********  Sex: Male or Female  Date of birth:June2,1975  Address: *****

      Marital Status:Single or Married  Post Code: 100001  Height: 1.70M  Weight: 50 kg  Health: Excellent

      E-mail Address:123456@sohu.com  Pager: 191-2222222  Tel: 12321456  Mobile phone:1391111111

      Homepage:www.sohu.com  Current AnnualSalary:50,000 RMB


      • Dunphy & Reilly,Inc.

      Senior Internal Auditor
      Conducted operational and financial audits of manufacturingsubsidiaries.
      Designed and implemented audit programs to test theefficiency of all
      aspects of accounting controls.
      Recommended changes and improvements to corporate anddivisional management.
      Trained and supervised staff auditors in all aspectsof accounting controls.
      Trained and supervised staff auditors in all aspectsof the audit engagement.
      Involved with corporate management in areas of acquisitionand corporate development.


      Staff Auditor
      Plan,identify,and test controls;present findings and recommend actions to management.
      Assist in the audits of New England,Northwest,New Jersey,Washington,D.C.,Southeast,and Great Lakes Districts and U.S.Areas General Ledger Group.


      office Manager
      Arrange logistics for office expansion and relocation.Establish office procedures and systems.Actuate/implement filing system,client billing system and bookkeeping.Order supplies;maintain inventory.Handle word processing and receptionist responsibilities.

      • Stevenson Data Systems,Los Angeles,CA

      Components Evaluation Engineer
      Responsible for the characterization and evaluation of,and approved vendors list for:Power supplies,oscillators,crystals,and programmable logic used in desktop and laptop computers.Evaluated and recommended quality components
      that increased product profitability.Created and developed power supply
      test plan used for evaluating third party power supplies.Interacted with vendors to resolve problems associated with components qualification.
      Technical advisor for Purchasing.Promoted to Engineerll.

      • Experience:

        1.Previous job_____________________________________________________
        2.Present job________________________________________________________
         Signature____________________________ Date _________________________


      • My salary requirement is in the $100,000-$120,000range with appropriate benefits.I would be willingto relocate for the right opportunity.
      • Thesalary required is 12,000 per month,living in the house.
      • Iam quite willing to start with a small salary.
      • Iam willing to serve on trial for some months at a smallsalary.
      • I got five thousand and five hundred per month.


      • Travel,Tennis,Swimming,Drawing
      • Fishing,cooking,readingmysteries
      • Baking,Sailing,ReadingPoetry.
      • Skiing,ScubaDiving,Mystery Novels.

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